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A NEW BEGINNING..............

Hello everyone my name is Zoe and I own Magic From The Heart.

My business is art created by me and reselling. I would like to take you on my journey as I grow my business, build a small business network and work on my product line. I believe that sharing what you learn, when building a small business, allows for the creation of a network to help others as well as learn from each other. I look forward to you following me on my journey and invite people to comment and exchange ideas on this blog. I will be setting up a series of mini courses to help others get started on their business ideas and project ideas and keep a running journal of how my business grows.

Everyone has a motivation for what they do, mine was simple. We had family members, spread between two households, that required constant help. As time went on needs increased. My daughter and I decided to put together a business that would allow us to to earn income, enjoy what we do and be prepared to separate from the workforce when the time came. My daughter lived with me and her stepdad so it was easy to work around our schedule. We started to build the business slowly, as we were still working full time (and then some). Tragedy struck, on January 27, 2022 I lost my daughter, my only child, in our house fire. Everything was gone in one sweep. My daughter was the center of my life and her stepdads. We also lost our home, business and our family pets. In one moment my life shattered. Grief is a long, horrible journey that I will travel forever.

I had to pick myself up; not wanting to of course; and move forward in honor of my daughter. This business is my way of honoring my daughters memory, earning a living, and take care of family members with needs that have increased. My daughter was creative, full of life, caring and loving. The community was devastated at her passing. In her short years she left an amazing footprint on this earth. Now it's my job to keep that footprint remembered.

I know everyone has their own reason for wanting to start a business. I would love to hear from you as to what motivates you and what type of business you have or would like to have. If you are teetering on fence, trying to decide, ask yourself this question. What do I really feel passionate about? What excites me? What do I see myself doing as an entrepreneur? Do I have a niche or am I struggling with finding what is right for me? Am I willing to put in the extra time to make this happen? Do I want help in doing this?

What do I have already and what do I need to start?

Write this information out on paper. Free flow your ideas. You don't need full sentences. Use a doodle, a picture, whatever to express yourself. Then decide what I can do to help you get started. I would like to give back to the community and being a mentor suits me fine. Join me on the journey and please become part of the journey too!

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